Dr. Matthew Brackney, D.C., CCSP​®, ATC

My Why:

I believe we can achieve our life goals and dreams when we live a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle necessitates physical activity and exercise. Simply put, Movement IS Medicine.

Too many people suffer from back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, ankle pain and other assorted pain and injuries. These common ailments keep you from being able to run, lift, exercise, or even work. Physical activity and exercise is no longer a leisure activity. We NEED to be physically active and to exercise. The top most deadly diseases (Heart disease, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes, &Lung Disease) all can be prevented with solid nutrition, movement, and keeping away from toxins (like smoking). ​

The kicker is these injuries, ailments, and pain that you deal with are ridiculously simple to correct, if you know the right techniques and strategies. CLICK HERE FOR A FREE MOBILITY STARTER KIT.

About Me:

I am a follower of the The King of Kings (Jesus), Husband, Father, doctor, problem solver, athlete, servant, missionary, and entrepreneur.

​I love pretty much every sport, but I am really good at ultimate disc. I am pretty good at soccer, spike ball, skateboarding and flag football. I am OK at basketball, baseball and volleyball. I also run and lift quite a bit too to fuel my addiction to sports.

I have been on missions trips to Kenya and Haiti, and I plan on going back. This is a part of my calling.

My Education:

Dr. Matthew Brackney is a Doctor of Chiropractic, a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner®, a nationally Certified Athletic Trainer, and holds a master's degree from the University of Houston in Physical Education & Motor Learning. Dr. Brackney's mission is to help educate and equip the elite athlete and the everyday athlete on the mechanics of human movement (kinesiology). Simply put, he wants to teach people how to move better, heal better, and live better.

While studying for his Master's degree, Dr. Brackney worked as an assistant athletic trainer for Rice University Athletics. Dr. Matthew Brackney was honored as the Valedictorian of his class in Chiropractic college. He also currently holds the Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner® (CCSP®) credential.

Dr. Brackney also provides sports chiropractic services for all of Rice University Athletics, and is the team chiropractor for Houston's Professional Rugby club, The Houston Sabercats.

Move Better.Heal Better. Live Better,

Dr. B

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